Samuel Piltch

I'm a high school student with interests in mobile and web software development and artificial intelligence. I'm interested in emerging technologies and their impact on our future society and lives; such as autonomous cars, the Internet of Things, and using data analysis and machine learning to aid humans. View my work below and connect with me.

"Instrumenting the NYC MTA to Reduce Train Delays"

Research — Developed a proposal for instrumenting the NYC MTA subway system to provide a faster and better service for commuters.

"Detecting Hate Speech in Tweets Using an Attentive Neural Network"

Research — Developed a LSTM neural network model to detect hate speech in tweets as a solution to flag and alleviate hate speech content on social media platforms.

"Relationship of Crime Rates and Varying Social and Economic Factors on Neighborhood Safety as Examined by Coordinate Location Points"

Research — Examined how crime rates, social factors (educational obtainment, unemployment rates), and economic factors (active businesses, price of housing) affect the safety of various neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY using a clustering machine learning model.

Team 334 Website

Web Development — Redesigned and rebuilt the Brooklyn Technical High School Robotics Team's website to focus on its members and their work.

Walk To Ride

Stuyhacks IV Hackathon Project — Display incoming subway trains that you can walk to in time. Won “Best Mobile App” award.

Friend Connect

SPARK Mobile App Contest — A social media platform for children with autism that encourages the development of new interests and friends, protected by full parental control and oversight. Placed second in the Prototype App category.